Coldwater Canada is a faith-rooted leadership development organization that designs and facilitates adventure-based and service-driven experiences intended to build faith, strengthen character, develop leadership and engage communities.

Our Focus

We are passionate about empowerment, character formation, discipleship, self-discovery, and community development and strive to reflect these principles in all of our programs. Our opportunities are geared towards maximizing the potential of people, allowing them to deepen their picture and understanding of who they are and enabling them to emerge as leaders of change inspired to play an active role in local communities. A Coldwater experience intentionally develops leadership capacity and a problem-solver mindset, with hope of igniting imaginations. We envision a culture of people equipped, empowered and inspired to live a gospel-centered life for God and others.

Experiential Learning Strategies

Adventure Education

Adventure education is a non-formal educational discipline that promotes individual and corporate learning, the cultivation of character, and the development of relationships within a group setting. Adventure education is highly effective in building cooperation and trust and expands students’ capacity to solve problems, take healthy risks, learn from their decisions, and be personally challenged. Thoughtfully designed adventure-based experiences are characterized by creative problem solving, engaged student participation, and a deliberate process of action followed by reflection throughout.


Service-learning is a unique academic discipline that uses community service projects to achieve specific learning objectives while also fostering the development of social responsibility, leadership, and healthy moral values. Through service-learning, we have a means to mentor students in the practice of holding together love for God and love for neighbour. Service-learning, rather than a traditional service project, has proven to be highly formational in the life of the student because the student is involved in all aspects of the experience from the genesis of the service-learning project to its execution, evaluation and celebration. Student learning is enhanced through processing the experience and then translating learning into application for new experiences.

Our Platforms

Coldwater Wilderness Experience

Coldwater Canada offers a variety of wilderness programs throughout the year for all age groups varying from a short overnight with a family focus, to a 21-day wilderness expedition in the Outward Bound tradition. We aim to offer wilderness experiences that foster leadership capacity, promote life change, develop vision, and lead to spiritual formation.

Mid-Year Adventure Retreats 

Coldwater Canada offers mid-year adventure retreats that are characterized by small group development activities, themed discussions, and adventure based activities including hiking, snowshoeing, canoeing, rock-climbing, orienteering, and high ropes courses. We design each retreat based on specific learning objectives and formational goals, and we carefully select retreat components based on the retreat audience.
Adventure Education, Service Learning, and Leadership Development Workshops
These workshops are 90 minutes to 5 days in length and can be facilitated at any location. They will help students, volunteers, an community leaders gain understanding and experience in utilizing these unique strategies to engage and develop people anywhere across the non-profit and youth development sector.

Community Based Initiatives

Coldwater Canada builds community based post-wilderness assignments into all of our wilderness courses and offers other community based initiatives, such as our LEADS program and mentoring groups, that are unique to communities we are partnered with. Our community based initiatives aid us in developing leaders who have eyes to see needs in their local communities, a heart to become engaged and work towards social change, and the capacities to begin the process of change; leaders who understand that while leadership, community, and a problem-solver mindset is learned in the wilderness, these important characteristics must be implemented in local schools, local churches, and local communities.